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Int. J. Electroactive Mater. 1 (2013) 43-49

Improved Performance of Hydrothermally Synthesized LiMnPO4 by Fe doping

Masashi Kotobuki*

Material and Environmental engineering, Hakodate Natinal College of Technology, Hokkaido, Japan
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Abstract : LiMnPO4 has been paid much attention as a cathode material for next generation lithium ion batteries due to its compatibility with present system. The most serious problem of this cathode material is poor performance led by intrinsic low electronic and lithium ion conductivities. In this study, Fe doping to carbon-coated LiMnPO4 prepared by hydrothermal route is attempted to improve the performance. The Fe doping does not affect particle size and shape of LiMnPO4 as well as formation of surface carbon layer. The XRD measurement indicates that the Fe species are immersed in the LiMnPO4 olivine structure and probably substituted on Mn in MnO6 subarray. In charge and discharge test, improvement of the performance due to the Fe-doping is clearly demonstrated, especially, under high C rate. The improvement is attributed to superior electronic conductivity given by the Fe doping.

Keywords : Hydrothermal synthesis,Carbon-coated LiMnPO4,Lithium ion battery,Fe-doped LiMnPO