Electroactive Materials Society

DOC 20180803 WA0001Electroactive Materials Society (EMS) was established in the year 2012 (PPM­017­1018092012), a startup society to gather scientists, engineers, and technologists around the world who shares the mutual interest in the research and development of electroactive materials.

EMS provides numerous opportunities for all members to expand and broaden their knowledge on the latest researches and discoveries of electroactive materials which are significant in all sorts of advanced applications such as sustainable energy storage systems, electroceramics, sensors, renewable energy and many more.

The knowledge and skills from this field backed by EMS are the key foundations for the progression of the electronics and manufacturing industries, in general. For this matter alone, it is evidently important that the roles and responsibilities of scientists and engineers to equip themselves with the knowledge required are enormous to pave the ways for future technologies and innovations.

EMS acts as the perfect platform for scientists, engineers, and technologists to initiate and develop ideas, share and discuss research projects and developments for the betterment of the society. With continuous, committed, and ground­breaking collaborations among EMS members, it is hoped that the aspirations and visions of EMS will be fulfilled.

Organization structure


Prof. Muhd Zu Azhan Yahya

Vice Chairman

Assoc. Prof. Ahmad Azmin Mohamad


Dr. Oskar Hasdinor Hassan

Assistant Secretary

Dr. Raihan Othman


Assoc. Prof. Ab Malik Marwan Ali


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