Volume 2, 2014

[Issue 1, March 2014]

Enhanced Electromagnetic Absorption on Formulated SiC-Al2O3 Composite Crucible
M.A. Sulaiman, S.D. Hutagalung, Z.A. Ahmad, M. Mohamed, M. Yusof, S. Mamat
Int. J. Electroactive Mater. 2 (2014) 1-3
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TiO2 and ZnO Thin Film Nanostructure for Photoelectrochemical Cell Application: A Brief Review
M.Y.A. Rahman, A.A. Umar, R. Taslim, L. Roza, S.K.M. Saad, M.M. Salleh
Int. J. Electroactive Mater. 2 (2014) 4-7
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[Issue 2, June 2014]

Corrosion of Sn-9Zn Solder Joints: A Review
Muhammad Ghaddafy Affendy, Muhamad Zamri Yahaya, Ahmad Azmin Mohamad
Int. J. Electroactive Mater. 2 (2014) 8-16
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Preparation of Sintered Li5La3Nb2O12 Garnet-type Li Ion Conductor via Spark Plasma Sintering Synthesis
Masashi Kotobuki, Masaki Koishi
Int. J. Electroactive Mater. 2 (2014) 17-21
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[Issue 3, September 2014]

Determination of Linear Tafel Region from Piecewise Linear Regression Analysis
N.M. Noor, R. Othman, M.A. Mohd. Hatta, M.H. Ani
Int. J. Electroactive Mater. 2 (2014) 22-27
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Characterization of Composite Proton Conducting Polymer Electrolyte Based on Poly(vinyl alcohol)
K.P. Radha, S. Selvasekarapandian, S. Karthikeyan, M. Hema, C. Sanjeeviraja, D. Vinoth Pandi
Int. J. Electroactive Mater. 2 (2014) 28-33
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[Issue 4, December 2014]

Polarization Study of Sn-9Zn Lead-free Solder in KOH Solutions
Muhammad Firdaus Mohd Nazeri, Ahmad Azmin Mohamad
Int. J. Electroactive Mater. 2 (2014) 34-39
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Self-interaction Correction in Density Functional Theory of Multiferroic Double Perovskite Bi2FeCrO6 Properties
I.P.A. Bakar, M.H. Hassan, M.K. Yaakob, M.F.M. Taib, A.M.M. Ali, O.H. Hassan, M.S.M. Deni, M.Z.A. Yahya
Int. J. Electroactive Mater. 2 (2014) 40-45
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