Volume 1, 2013

[Issue 1, March 2013]

Preparation and Characterization of PEO-NiO-LiCF3SO3 Composite Polymer Electrolyte
E.M. Fahmi, A. Ahmad, N.N. Izyan, H. Hamzah, M.Y.A. Rahman
Int. J. Electroactive Mater. 1 (2013) 2-8
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Effect of Chlorine Diffusion on Corrosion Activity of Mild Steel-Concrete in Malaysian Seawater
Yu Ren Lee, Megat Azmi Megat Johari, Ahmad Azmin Mohamad
Int. J. Electroactive Mater. 1 (2013) 9-12
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Improved Hydrogen Storage Property of LiAlH4 by Milling with Carbon Based Additives
M. Ismail, Y. Zhao, X.B. Yu, S.X. Dou
Int. J. Electroactive Mater. 1 (2013) 13-22
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[Issue 2, June 2013]

Effects of Ethylene Glycol Concentration on Cadmium Sulphide Nanowires Growth
Mohd Rozi Mat Dris, Mohd Ikmar Nizam Isa, Mohammad Ismail, Chan Kok Sheng
Int. J. Electroactive Mater. 1 (2013) 23-27
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Effect of cetyltrimethyl ammonium bromade surfactant concentration on the physical and photoelectrochemical property of TiO2 nanowire
M.Y.A. Rahman, A.A. Umar, L. Roza, M.M. Salleh
Int. J. Electroactive Mater. 1 (2013) 28-35
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Electrochemical Studies of Composited Cellulose Polymer Gel Electrolytes for Lithium-Air Cells
S.Z.Z. Abidin, M.F.M. Taib, T.I.T. Kudin, A.M.M. Ali, O.H. Hassan, M.Z.A. Yahya
Int. J. Electroactive Mater. 1 (2013) 36-42
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[Issue 3, September 2013]

Improved Performance of Hydrothermally Synthesized LiMnPO4 by Fe doping
Masashi Kotobuki
Int. J. Electroactive Mater. 1 (2013) 43-49
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Fabrication of Thin LiMn2O4 Electrode on the Li1.5Al0.5Ge1.5(PO4)3 Solid Electrolyte by a Sol-Gel Method
Masashi Kotobuki
Int. J. Electroactive Mater. 1 (2013) 50-54
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Electrochemical Analyses of Carbon Nanotube Based Supercapacitor in 1 M LiPF6 Organic Electrolyte
M.A. Azam, M.F. Rosle
Int. J. Electroactive Mater. 1 (2013) 55-59
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[Issue 4, December 2013]

Determination of Electron and Hole Mobility in Poly(3-hexylthiophene) Using Space-Charge-Limited-Current Measurements
M.F. Ahmed, I.A. Hummelgen
Int. J. Electroactive Mater. 1 (2013) 60-63
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Proton-Conducting Polymer Electrolyte Based on PVA-PAN Blend Polymer Doped with NH4NO3
S. Sivadevi, S. Selvasekarapandian, S. Karthikeyan, N. Vijaya, F. Kingslin Mary Genova, C. Sanjeeviraja, H. Nithya, Iwai Junichi Kawamura
Int. J. Electroactive Mater. 1 (2013) 64-70
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Structural, Thermal, Morphological and Electrical Conductivity Analysis of Proton Conducting Tri Block Copolymer P(VdCl-Co-AN-Co-MMA) Based Electrolytes
D. Inbavalli, S. Selvasekarapandian, C. Sanjeeviraja, R. Baskaran, Junichi Kawamura, Yoshitake Masuda
Int. J. Electroactive Mater. 1 (2013) 71-78
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